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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

So Your Online Dating Profile Landed You A First Meeting....Now What?

I think I’m going to have “Just a coffee” tattooed on my forehead, because I say that phrase at least six times a day. And it is JUST a coffee. Well, that, and the chance to size each other up in person without being trapped in an expensive, two-hour dinner. Even if your potential match has the most gorgeous smile and you feel like what he’s written about opera and baseball is spot on with your own thoughts…just a coffee.


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Putting Yourself in a Target-Rich Environment

Since meeting my husband online, I’ve helped countless men and women with their dating profiles.“Why wouldn’t you go online?” I’d asked a particularly reluctant girlfriend last year. “Imagine that you’re waiting tables at a restaurant in the city, but that you’re dream is to be on Broadway.” Hope the producer sits down for lunch one day or take charge and go to the open-call auditions? Online dating is the open-call auditions of romance.


Taking Life One Date at a Time

Welcome to my blog!

Although I became The Match Maven by accident (and what a happy one!), it’s no accident that I’m sharing these thoughts and stories with you. I hope that my insight and experiences, both personal and otherwise, will be entertaining and ultimately useful to you as you embark on your online dating journey. Learn from them. Maybe even laugh at my missteps. But most of all, don’t give up the dream!